Pocono Farms is a year-round, private, recreation-oriented community that is owned and operated by the members of the Community Association of Pocono Farms for the mutual benefit of the members.  It is not affiliated with any other development, real estate developer or builder.

The Community was started in 1966 and the Pocono Farms Lot Owners Association was incorporated in 1967 with membership being mandated by a deed covenant. The name was changed to Community Association of Pocono Farms, Inc. in 1974.

The Community Association's broad purpose, as stated in the by-laws, is "to insure the present and future residential living conditions relating to the health, safety, public morals, recreation, comfort and beauty of lots in a development in Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County, known as Pocono Farms."

Pocono Farms consists of all the amenity areas surrounded by 2113 plotted lots with nineteen entrances on twenty miles of township roads with an additional eight miles of roads in community-owned cul-de-sacs all serving over 1,200 homes.


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