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About Pocono Farms


About Pocono Farms…

Pocono Farms is a year-round, private, recreation-oriented Community that is owned and operated by its members for the mutual benefit of the members.  It is not affiliated with any other development, real estate developer or builder. It is a planned community pursuant to the Pennsylvania Uniformed Planned Communities Act (UPCA) of 1997.

The Community was started in 1966 and the Pocono Farms Lot Owners Association was incorporated in 1967 with membership being mandated by a deed covenant. The name was changed to Community Association of Pocono Farms, Inc. in 1974, and an additional corporation was formed named Pocono Farms Country Club, Inc. to operate the golf and restaurant amenities. In July of 2006, the membership approved the merger of the two corporations into one, which was effective as of January 1, 2007. The name of the merged corporation is Pocono Farms Country Club Association, Inc. (PFCCA, for short).

The Association's broad purpose, as stated in the by-laws, is 'to insure the present and future residential living conditions relating to the health, safety, public morals, recreation, comfort and beauty of lots in a development in Coolbaugh Township, Monroe County, known as Pocono Farms.' 

Pocono Farms consists of all the amenity areas surrounded by 2,113 plotted lots with nineteen entrances on twenty miles of township roads with an additional eight miles of roads in community-owned cul-de-sacs all serving over 1,430 homes.

Everyone is welcome at Pocono Farms. Though we are not a retirement community we do have many retirees. People of all ages, many with children, live here. You might say that we are an All-American kind of neighborhood.

Our deed covenants requires that all persons owning properties in Pocono Farms become a member. This means that there are yearly dues that must be paid. Any paid member in “good standing” can run for a position on our Board of Directors or serve on our many dedicated committees.

Members in good standing are welcome to enjoy and participate in the many attractions within Pocono Farms. We have an Olympic-size swimming pool (with on-duty certified life-guards), a lake for fishing and swimming, tennis courts, basketball courts, and one of the most immaculately manicured golf courses in Monroe County. Our beautiful Clubhouse must not go unmentioned. Residents and their guests can enjoy dining-in for great food and a libation of their choice.

Pocono Farms offers many activities that you can learn more about on this website. During the summertime we employ qualified personnel to supervise a number of recreation and learning activities for our children.

To keep Pocono Farms a respected and enjoyable Community a number of restrictions are in place and must be observed by all residents. These restrictions are in the form of rules and regulations. Such restrictions allow our Community to maintain property values and ensure that all resident surroundings maintain their beauty. Pocono Farms is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors consisting of nine members in good standing. The rules and regulations of the community, policy decisions of the Board, and general operations are enforced and carried out by an employed management team.

If you have further questions regarding Pocono Farms, please give us a call at the Administration office at 570-894-4435. We look forward to hearing from you and anticipate your interest.  



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